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This is Cover/buoy

buoy project
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A practical and unique poncho made of fleece.

Works as the perfect cover up for both outdoor and indoor adventures. Keeps you warm and cuddly. Long and wide, it can fit over all types of clothing. Protects you from cold and wind. Works as a perfect blanket. Folds into a case and becomes a pillow that will keep you company even when you don’ t wear it. Its colorful and endless combinations will fit your own unique style and lighten up your mood and your couch.


Float Flows

buoy project

Letting our friends know what we are doing and asking for their advice is a primal asset for us. Shooting of buoy's ID was a buoyant gathering of friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Gardou, Totos, Akis, Pageo, Voice, Lykas, Nollie, Dicky, Thanos, Eleanna, cmyk, harry, buddha.

It's a bag!

buoy project

every time you wonder how to turn your #wetbuoy into a bag come back and watch this video. Turn it inside out, fold, roll and into the hoodie stuff it. Stuff your swimsuit, sunscreen and a bottle of water and off to your wet adventures.