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Pimp my buoy

Yap! You can pimp your buoy the way you like. Add stitches, pockets or zippers depending on your needs. Even add a print or a patch! And of course you can build your own colours and design. 

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Side Stitched

Let us know if you want your wetbuoy stitched on one or both sides. This feature is free of charge.

If you change wetsuits or use it mostly in winter season order your wetbuoy stitched in both sides. One side is the perfect choice if you want some breeze through your poncho. It can also be hanged anywhere and dry faster. If you use it mostly in the summer, love the breeze, dry extra fast or want to open it up and lie luxuriously on it, leave it as it is. Freely open or buttoned up.


Extra pocket, Zipper, Name or Patch

You can ask for an extra pocket (back, front, side, secret) that best suits your style and needs.

If you want more flexibility getting in and out of your buoy you can add a zipper on the front or on the sides.

You can personalize your buoy by adding a letter or a name or even your favorite design or logo. 


Fully Custom

Speak with buoy at for: colour, design shape, pocket, size, logo/synergies, detachable hoodie, tightening around the waist.