the buoy project

f l o a t · f l o w s

Hi I’m buoy. I’m an ongoing project.
I wake up early, stand sideways,
live in steeze, will go for a gnar,
might do a niar, sleep late.
I dig giving life to radiant ideas
& watch them grow, float, flow.
Wanna get involved?

The Idea

Buoy is a group of three like-minded individuals with spare creativity that eagers to be unleashed.

Our aim is to redefine the way a brand cooks and behaves by creating a platform where gnarly ideas can be born and developed into revolutionary products, projects or services. All steps of the process, from conception to design and production take place in our beautiful lab in Acropolis, Athens. We engage with every part of our project since this is the greatest source of our learning, experience and inspiration.

We encourage you to be part of buoy. Feel free to navigate through, send us your comments, make suggestions and proposals or talk to us about your revolutionary ideas or colabs.

Join this inspirational project,

Eva, Katerina, Mirsini

Style & Quality

Everything we do is 100% handmade (with our own hands), which makes every design unique and gives you the advantage to ask for full customisation. Don't hesitate to challenge us with your thoughts or requests. Just ask us ;)

We handpick all our materials because we enjoy great quality.

We design practical stuff, looking for multiple usages that suits your thing .

'buoy the world' is the bond of all our actions. All our leftovers are appreciated and reused.

New products come in very often. Don’t forget to visit.

Made in Athens, Greece.